Abhrak Bhasma


Abhrak Bhasma is calcined mica ash used in Ayurveda for liver & abdominal diseases, mental diseases and psychosomatic disorders.

Cough, Asthma, Urinary calculi , Diarrhoea , Abdominal disorder and Heart Disease.

As directed by the physician.

Size: 10 gm

Lic No. 2486/068/069/DH-75

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Abhrak is used in Ayurveda in the form of bhasma which is a fine powder. It is generally used to manage male sexual problems like low sperm count and lack of sexual desire due to its ability to increase sperm count and aphrodisiac property.
Abhrak Bhasma is useful in phthisis, diabetes, debility of old age. It cures chronic fever, bronchitis, asthma, piles, palpitation of the heart, blood pressure, nervous debility, spermatorrhoea, hard breathing, asthma, coryza, leucorrhoea, stricture urethra, burning urination and retention of urine.
Abhrak Bhasma is the calcination of the mineral, mica. It is an established Rasayana (Rejuvenative Tonic, nourishes all Dhatu and builds Ojas, promotes longevity by preventing aging and by making the body young again) of Ayurveda.

– Cough
– Asthma
– Tuberculosis
– Fever
– Abnormal Bleeding
– Sinusitis
– Diabetes Mellitus
– Hyperacidity
– Arthritis

– Abhrak Bhasma (Purified Mica)

As directed by the physician.

Size: 10 gm

Oil, Chillies, Spicy and other Sour substances should be avoided.

Lic No. 2486/068/069/DH-75


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