Seven Energy Wheels (Chakras)

The chakras greatly influence our potential and experience. The Tantric yogis understood that in order to experience a different life – one that feels more stable, more sublime and more connected to others – we have to effect change from within. And one of the key ways to alter the inner reality is working with the chakras (body’s energy centers).

Chakra literally means ‘Spinning Wheel’. According to the yogic view, chakras are a convergence of energy, thoughts/feelings and the physical body. Our consciousness (mind) gets projected through these wheels, and this largely determines how we experience reality from our emotional reactions, our desires or aversions, our level of confidence or fear, even the manifestation of physical symptoms.

By working with these chakra (energy centers) in yoga practice, we can begin to unravel any blocks that may prevent the unfolding into our highest potential.